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Cold saw cutting machine principle?

  • October 08, 2022
Cold saw cutting machine principle:

The cutting method of cold saw cutting machine is generally used in cutting machine and sawing machine. The requirement of cutting is to ensure that the steel incision section is not destroyed. Cold saw cutting machine in addition to a few square, round, Angle steel simple section sometimes used with the cross section of the shape of the shear, the majority of steel sawing.

Cold saw cutting machine saw cutting can be divided into hot saw cutting and cold saw cutting. Hot sawing has the advantages of rapid post-rolling treatment, compact equipment and low sawing force, so it is widely used. In order to match with the capacity of the rolling mill, a production line is set up with multiple sawing equipment.

When the cold saw cutting machine saws, it should calculate the shrinkage amount according to the steel temperature when cutting, so that the length error after cooling is within the allowed range. The task of cold saw cutting machine sawing is fixed length sawing, so many production lines are equipped with fixed length machine and saw machine supporting. In addition to cutting the head and tail with the cold saw cutting machine, attention should also be paid to cutting the defective part and sampling.

Cold saw cutting machine sawing should be combined with supply length to achieve the best material, which is also an important means to improve the yield. Steel cooling to strictly implement the cooling system, the correct placement of steel in the cooling position. Cold saw cutting machine is the most important to prevent the production of improper cooling caused by product quality problems. Such as prevent rail cooling too fast hydrogen precipitation too late and produce hydrogen embrittlement.

Cold saw cutting machine cold saw cutting and hot saw cutting contrast, generally defined by the temperature of the cutting rolled parts, there are the following types, cold saw cutting machine rolled parts when the temperature is lower than 100℃ for cold cutting.

When the temperature of the rolled parts of the cold saw cutting machine is 100 ~ 600℃, it is warm cutting. When the temperature of the rolled parts is higher than 600℃, it is hot cutting.

Cold saw cutting machine generally, we will be used to saw the metal saw mill temperature is lower than 300℃ called metal cold saw, will be used to saw the metal saw mill temperature is higher than 600℃ called metal hot saw. Cold saw cutting machine metal hot saw and metal cold saw, the equipment structure is no difference.

For square and round steel production lines, cold sawing machine is seldom used for cold sawing, because the steel is too hard, the sawing area is large, the sawing period is long, and the incision quality is low. Hot sawing or grinding wheel saw is mostly used. Cold saw cutting machine for groove Angle, steel pipe and other production lines, because of its thin wall structure, sawing area per unit time is small, easy to make steel deformation, and serious flaring, so basically use metal cold saw cutting.

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